About Us

male-healthThe idea started as an information page about male’s health awareness but grown into an extensive health and wellness resource offering everything to do with male’s journey to fitness, health and wellness.

Written and supported by health and wellness writers and experts, the blog’s aim is to make male health information more accessible to male readers as well as their “partners and friends” whose interest on health and wellness is just as budding as themselves.

All articles and information are updated by male health and wellness enthusiasts and advocates bringing in the latest and most current research studies, that male readers and their partners and friends need to learn, know and practice in today’s modern life.

Our contributors have only one mission and that is to bring together health information and awareness in a certain level and to enable practical uses for all information and health concepts and all the benefits these information can bring.

They’re committed in dispensing accurate information and knowledge because they believe that it is only from accurate, correct and informative articles that sense of health, awareness and practicality can be achieved; thus leading to improved and healthy lifestyle and living.

Their idea is to have male readers as well as their “partners and friends” to have fun and feel free to give feedbacks for them to grow into community that aspire to bring male health and wellness issues as nearly as be-all and end-all.

Our contributors and writers are aspiring for one goal, to be taken as serious and committed crusaders on male’s health and wellness. So let US begin the journey together. Lastly we would like to thank our Digital Marketing Experts from Australia www.digitalpresence.com.au for their help.

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