Asbestos Monitoring: An Essential Must-Have in the Workplace


Health and safety are important for the well-being of everyone in the workplace because these affect the performance of not just the employees but also the employers. There are numerous aspects under the workplace on health and safety procedures but we will focus on Asbestos Register Canberra for now.

Asbestos: A workplace hazard

Hazards in the workplace could be substances or behaviors that might have the potential of causing harm or injury to individuals. Unknown to a lot of people, there are numerous possibilities in this setting. One of the most dangerous is Asbestos.

This chemical was once considered to be the perfect material for construction because of its numerous benefits. But, it was proven to be the cause of mesothelioma cancer and has since been banned in some countries.

Old buildings, however, still has Asbestos. And those that still have this are required to undergo Asbestos Air Monitoring Canberra.

Hiring the experts to work on it

swe2Because Asbestos is such a dangerous material, it should be handled only by professionals. Other than that, air monitoring follows a detailed four-step process that is based on government standards.

Analysts start the comprehensive visual inspection with background monitoring, ensuring that the area does not have dust or debris that could affect the final result. All these can be found in the Asbestos Register Canberra.

Some companies offering these services often have mobile laboratories complete with special equipment like Scanning Electron and Transmission Electron microscopes so that they can do fibre counting on the spot.

It would be better to choose workplace health and safety providers with all those mentioned above so that you could get the report as soon as they finish their assessment. It would be great, too, if they offer other services like Noise Assessment Canberra.

Possible asbestos removal

Old buildings that have been found to have asbestos, especially the loose type are truly hazardous. Removal is often recommended to get rid of the possibility of employees getting sick. If simple air monitoring is done by experts with skill and experience in handling these kinds of toxic materials, it’s even more important to let the pros with the Asbestos Register Canberra to work on this.

After the removal, another test will be made to ensure that the air is really free from the fibres. Personal monitoring is also done to determine the level of exposure of the employees and the practitioner. The Certificate of Reoccupation is the guarantee that the space is Asbestos-free.

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