First Aid Supplies You Never Thought Were Important, but Really Are


There are first aid items or tools that we don’t think are important. For instance, who have thought that sports strapping tape should be inside your traveling first aid kit? In fact, the idea of having a traveling first aid kit has not crossed your worried mind at all. You might even be thinking that with all the stuff that you need to pack, you really don’t have space for it.first_aid_backpack2

Well, let us reiterate to you then how important a first aid kit is, especially when you are traveling. Anything could happen and, for some godforsaken reasons, accidents occur at the most inopportune time. If you’re not prepared for this, you could be in really big trouble.

Who needs a first aid traveling pack?

Everyone should have this – we cannot restate this enough. But, there are some people who need this even more. If you are one of the following, go to the nearest first aid supplies wholesale store and get one now.

  • Those with existing medical conditions such as diabetes, heart issues and respiratory problems, among others.
  • Those who have had any kind of injury recently
  • Those who were prescribed medications
  • Those who are traveling with children and/or the elderly

What should be in this first aid traveling kit?

Backpack first aid kits are really small that it won’t take much space in your whole bag. It should have the following:

  • Implements for wound care like band aids, cotton, antiseptic cleaner, and antibiotic creams to prevent infection
  • Medications like analgesics (pain relievers), anti-pyretics (for fever), cold and flu tablets, and anti-histamines
  • Other possible needs like sunscreen, insect repellents, Oresol or other fluid and electrolyte replacement meds, eye drops

Those who have had injuries in the past should carry sports strapping tape, bandages and the like. Possibility of recurrence does occur, especially when one loves adventures like hiking, camping and other extreme sports.

Those with existing problems such as those mentioned above should also have their prescription meds with them. While all countries have good pharmaceutical products, it would be best if you bring what your doctor gave you.

Having a medical traveling kit for first aid, even if you’ve got a sports strapping tape in there, might make your luggage a bit heavier than it is. But, having that peace of mind because you are assured of your own safety, even in cases of accident, can never be replaced. And that is something you should never forget.

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