Good Mental and Emotional Health through Clinical Counseling and Psychology



Mental and emotional health is just as important as our physical health. Unfortunately, not everyone gives equal importance to have a healthy state of mind and heart. Schema therapy is a kind of psychotherapy that was developed by Dr. Jeffrey Young. The therapy uses an integration of various techniques that involves behavior therapy, cognitive therapy, gestalt therapy and object relations in an organized and systematic approach. This therapy can help people learn how to deal with intense emotions and gradually change maladaptive coping styles to positive behavior that is healthier for the mind and body.  The schema model shows significant results in improving different behavioral disorders.mental_health1

The main goal of the schema therapy is to guide people how to overcome deep behavioral patterns that have been part of the patient for a very long time. Its founder Dr. Young noticed how the standard approach of cognitive therapy is ineffective for some people. Because of his observations, he was able to come up with a different approach that aims to modify these patterns known as schemas or life traps. Most schemas are associated with negative thoughts and feelings that usually begin during childhood.

With the help of this kind of therapy, the patients are able to develop healthier patterns and positive behaviors. It can also help for bipolar disorder patients. According to studies, the early maladaptive schemas developed by a person can contribute to functional impairment that is associated with bipolar disorder. Continuing studies are ongoing to see how the schema model can be used to treat or alleviate bipolarity.

Other people who undergo this therapy also subject themselves to a mindfulness program that includes spiritual meditation that can bring peace and relaxation to the patient. In the end, it is our responsibility to take care of our mind and body. A good mental and emotional health is key to living a fulfilling life. Usually, mental disorders can go unnoticed especially by other people around you.

The only person that can know whether or not you need help is yourself. If you feel that you need counseling, do not be embarrassed about it. Talk to a friend or a family member about what you are going through. If it does not get better, you can consult a counseling clinic or a psychologist to help you deal with your behavioral and mental problems. The experts would know whether or not you need a schema therapy to overcome negative emotions and behaviors that can be a hindrance to a life well lived.

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