Popular Massage Types to Treat and Love your Body


A good massage is truly relaxing and it offers health benefits. Choosing one that suits your needs, lifestyle and healthy condition is the key in getting its full benefits. You can try different types at first, and after getting the one at your favorite Harvey Bay massage that leaves you feeling great as if the reset button has been pressed on your body, stick to it and enjoy its every therapeutic and health benefits. Here is a breakdown of different massage techniques and pick one or two and start enjoying it.

Swedish massage

If your favorite Harvey Bay massage has Swedish massage on its menu, then it’s a massage to go for relaxation and stress relief. It’s a good massage to have if you’re a first timer and so good in releasing cramped or tensed muscles. Swedish massage is very popular to couples and many spa resorts offering it as a treat to honeymooners.

Hot-stone massage

depositphotos_40622617_s-2015This is a massage where hot stone is rolled on your body in a very caressing motion. It’s a massage where one can drift off as tension on shoulders and back are released. It’s best for relaxation and to invigorate the body. Get it from your favorite Harvey Bay massage after a tiring working week and feel rejuvenated. A friendly reminder; you need to chill it after getting the massage.

Thai massage

This is a popular massage in every massage therapy in Harvey Bay. The massage is rigorously manipulating the body with yoga-like stretches and your massage therapist uses his hands, knees, legs, and feet in applying pressure on your body. The massage is for loosening joints, a little relaxing but more energizing in general.


This is a massage from Japan using finger pressure in working different pressure body points. It is for balancing the body’s energy flow and has calming effects on nerves, tensed muscle and it improves blood circulation. It’s good for stress relief, back pain, and renewing energy. Many Zensations massage has it as part of its holistic therapeutic approach.

Deep tissue massage

It’s definitely not for you if you’re only after relaxing massage. Deep tissue is used by therapists on people undergoing physical therapy and those with very dense tissue that need to work on to respond. Remedial massage therapy in Harvey Bay offers this on their menu for rehabilitation, pain, and injury management.

Massage is created to pamper and relax a tired and tensed body. It’s a great way to love and treat your body so it’s never a sin to enjoy one or two. Grab one and let your body feel loved and treated well.

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