What you need to know about breast implants procedure


Once you have made the decision to get breast implants but before you look at available options for breast implant financing, do the research and find out all the information about breast implants themselves.

breast-augmentationBreast implants otherwise known as breast augmentation or Breast implants procedure in plastic surgery. There are many reasons that women seek this kind of surgery including improving the balance between hip to chest difference, improving self esteem and self image which gives in an increase in confidence, restoring breast volume decrease after a big weight loss or after pregnancy, or as an after mastectomy option, Whatever the reason, before you seek a plastic surgeon, do the research to find out all you can about this procedure. After you have done all the research, your next step would be to seek out a surgeon and go for your first consultation. If you have done all the research, you will have all the right questions to ask him.

There are currently two types of breast implants available for you to choose from. There are pros and cons to each type of implant. You must ask the surgeon what implant would be best for you and your body. Some surgeons prefer to work with one or the other type of implant and you should ask the surgeon his reasons for his or her preference. A particular type of breast implant may appear and feel attractive on one woman but may not suit you. Two companies which manufacture breast implants include Allergan and Mentor.

One type of breast implant is a silicone implant which is an elastomer silicone shell filled with silicone gel.
These are unlike the silicone implants of the past and are better in the cohesiveness of the gel in that it keeps its shape even after being cut. In the past, the silicone gel would leak from the implant shell.
The benefits of silicone breast implants is that they are naturally shaped, feel natural, and look natural. The cohesiveness of the gel makes it less likely to “ripple” and keeps its original shape over time. Silicone breast implants come in many sizes and heights. The disadvantage of silicone breast implants is that the implant shell is pre-filled making it necessary for a larger incision. This incision is either made in the fold under the breast or an incision around the areola. They cannot be placed in an armpit incision.

A saline breast implant consists of a silicon elastomer shell with a saline (salt water solution) within. Saline solution is like the fluids in the body and if the implant leak the solution will be absorbed by the body without danger. Saline breast implants are inserted unfilled into the breast and then filled with the sterile saline solution. These saline implants come in many various shapes and textures. There are various types of saline breast implants including Round Saline Implants, Anatomical Saline Implants, Smooth Saline Implants and Texture saline implants. Speak with your plastic surgeon about the benefits of these different types of saline breast implants.

The breast implant surgery is an outpatient procedure, The costs of breast implant surgery costs from $4,000 to $10,000. The breast implants themselves cost between $1,000 to $1,300. The fees for the anesthetologist is about $700 to $800. There will be a cost to the hospital where your plastic surgery will occur. Other costs involved in the total cost of the breast implant procedure will also include your surgeons fee which will be determined by his experience and the geographic location where your surgery will occur. General anesthesia is usually recommended.

Charges for your breast implant procedure include the cost of the anesthesia. You will no doubt be pleased with your breast implant surgery as the results are immediate. You will have some swelling which will go down in two to four weeks. The incision scars will fade and flatten in about a year. However, breast implants do not last for a life time. You must have them checked out by the doctor yearly to see if the breast implants should be replaced.

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