Why Steel Beams are Better than Wood?


If you are building your home, you naturally want the best. That’s why it is important that you understand the difference between building with steel beams and building with wooden beams. There are many advantages of investing on steel in many parts of your home, especially the beam structure.

Steel is for home, too

Gone are the days when only commercial buildings make use of beams created out of solid steel. Modern home architecture has also incorporated steel beams as they offer greater leeway in achieving certain aesthetic goals. In fact, construction experts say they will be even more popular than their wood counterpart in the next two decades.

Benefit #1: Extensive design choices

The first advantage of making use of steel beams is that they offer limitless design possibilities. They vastly expand their use from merely holding up the roof to providing a cool anchor where your interior décor will start up from the wall and beyond.

Beams made of steel are also easy to mix with every kind of interior design. They can be made into many different colors, finishes, and styles to match your theme. Suffice it is to say, you will surely enjoy designing your home if you have steel-made beams installed.Box-const-3

Benefit #2: The ultimate space saver

Another good thing about using steel lintels and beams is that they do not eat up much space like wood beams do to provide a solid support. If you choose to go this option, you will have much more room for the other elements, especially for your electric wiring, HVAC installations, and pluming lines.

Benefit #3: Lifetime warranty of same dependable service

Unlike with wood, there are no known bugs that feed on steel. You can be sure you’re your structure remains sound and solid for many years to come. There are also fewer issues associated with steel, allowing you to enjoy a lifetime warranty.

Benefit #4: Low maintenance requirements

Smart homemakers love the fact that having lintels and beams made out of steel allow them to live through a fuss-free life. There are very little concerns to none in order to get the same dependable support from steel. It goes well with a little touch-ups here and there to avoid rust from permeating the structure.

Benefit #5: Stands the test of environmental strains

Lastly, steel is seen as the better building element as it is known to resist the effects of natural disasters such as strong winds and even the events of fire. It can hold up its ground better, definitely.

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