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Holistic dental care – you have heard this being said several times by numerous people but what does it really mean? Should it include plaque removal, teeth whitening, tooth decay prevention and those services you’d often see posted in a dental ‘menu’? How exactly would you know if the dentist you’re consulting would provide you with this ‘holistic dental care’?

It is, very understandably, hard to define this since most people only visit their dentists when they are experiencing toothaches and related problems. But, if you are following the well-known advice of visiting your dentist at least twice a year – for cleaning or teeth whitening, even – you will have a better understanding of what that really is.

Basic dental needs

Learning the basics in dental care such as brushing your teeth twice or thrice a day, flossing and eating the right kinds of food are just some of these. Tooth extraction, fillings and other simple procedures can also be categorized here.

Advanced dental services

Orthodontics is a more specialized field in dentistry, focusing on the application of braces to correct crooked teeth and wrong bites. This is such an integral part of holistic dental care especially if the current dental health affects other functions such as speaking and eating.

All for aesthetics

Some people go to their dentist to have their teeth fixed because it makes them look better. This is psychological in nature, when you think about it. But that need to look more beautiful through good dental health is one of the things that must be addressed too.

Now, it’s not too late for you to grasp the concept of holistic dental care even if you’re in your 50s. It’s never too late to foster that must-have relationship with your dentist.

And if you are now ready to start that relationship, see to it that you find a dental expert who won’t just be there to do the procedures you asked for like teeth whitening or root canal treatment.

Go for the dental expert who will listen to you and what you need, carefully assess that need and apply their knowledge and well-honed skills, accompanied by state of the art technology, to fill that need.

It would also help if he or she were a CBD dentist, like those in Dentessence, operating in an area close to where you live and/or work. Accessibility, after all, is an essential factor as well; especially in those emergency cases when you really need them.

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