How Martial Arts Can Benefit Children


Martial art is known to be an ancient technique of training the mind, spirit and body to act as one. Practitioners of martial arts strive for harmony and peace, but also master effective and often overwhelming self-defense methods. Children who are active in martial arts and taekwondo sparring gain many benefits in numerous areas of life. Many martial arts include karate, jiu jitsu, kung fu, tae kwon do, aikido, muay Thai and judo.


Fitness is an essential element to martial arts class, particularly where kids are involved. Preparations that include jumping jacks, stretches and pushups are common, and the actions of the kids taekwondo frequently challenge muscles and cardiovascular system. Thus, martial arts practitioners are known for being flexible, physically fit, and toned.

Self Defense

The ability to protect self against an attacker is an empowering feeling. Many martial arts use self-protection as a foundation of the entire martial arts program. The detailed methods may differ from one discipline to another, but with regular and consistent practice, a child will learn how to defend himself in various ways. Mixed martial arts schools also educate street-smart techniques to children to help avoid other issues altogether.


martial-ates-770187_640Taekwondo sparring help impart mental concentration in a child, providing the ability to focus on a task. The discipline that is imparted in the class in regard to techniques and customs often translates into some other areas of life such as household chores and school.


Martial arts Maroubra are all about respect. Kicking, punching, locking and throwing are all secondary to the respect that’s shown from the moment a child enter the school. Children learn to bow and give respect to the masters who arrived before them, and to the current instructors. Kids also learn how to treat other students with respect and courtesy. Martial arts trainers discuss the importance of respect and instruct students to exercise respect for self, peers, teachers and parents at all times.

Self Confidence

A child who is active in martial arts is someone who has self-confidence. Getting involved in martial arts and working through the belt ranking system provides a child measurable objectives to track that are realistic to accomplish. The sense of achievement a child feels by learning and mastering a new method or advancing to a new belt can help boost self-confidence even more.

Team Spirit

Children learn to perform and work not just on their own, but with their masters and other students in class as well. They help and assist each other through taekwondo sparring and other lessons to learn and master new techniques, receive a new belt, and complete their goals.

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