Coffee Scrub – The Trendiest Skin Detox in Down Under

Are you a coffee lover? If you are, besides drinking your favorite bean, you can also use and enjoy it as a body scrub. Coffee scrub is now a popular Down Under skin detox as a coconut coffee can exfoliate skin, removes annoying wrinkles and ugly cellulites. A coffee scrub promises to give skin smooth, flawless, and radiant glow. Here are some interesting facts about coffee scrub that is available in many parts of Down Under territories.

Organic coffee scrub

Natural body care with coffee scrub, cereals, honey.

Natural body care with coffee scrub, cereals, honey.

Organic coffee scrub is known to help reduce cellulite. When we say organic, it means coffee beans are grown in the most natural environment and nothing-artificial ingredients are used or mixed. Coconut coffee scrub is a popular example of organic coffee scrub. The mixture is of coconut and selected organic coffee beans. Some use salt like Himalayan or sea salt. Cocoa is another popular blended ingredient and cane sugar as well. Essential oil like lavender is also used that provides relaxing feel. Some have delicious smell because of the ingredients like vanilla, cinnamon and almond.

The great promise

Body scrubbing is a process of removing the layer of dead skin cells to reveal fresh, clean, and rejuvenated skin. Different body scrubs have emerged and coconut coffee scrub is among the trendiest in town. It is said to have many benefits like exfoliating and anti-inflammatory properties. It also promises to reduce cellulite although some beauty experts say the result is temporary. It also improves blood circulation and smooth skin. However, it becomes a stellar because of its promise to reduce eye puffiness, which is one of the top ladies’ concerns. Additional qualities are its soothing and relaxing feel and great fresh and relaxing feel. Like body balm, using coffee beans promise to leave body super soft and smooth.

Coffee beans

Coffee isn’t just for your drinking enjoyment. It’s now used as a scrub that uses different types of coffee beans. The favorite Robusta bean is mostly used in some coffee body scrub. Arabica coffee bean that is your regular morning coffee is also popularly used. Some have brewed coffee and others mixed up the ingredients with ground coffee.

What’s in Coffee?

It’s the caffeine content that’s responsible for all the benefits of coffee scrubbing. Caffeine is said to tighten the skin so it’s best in reducing cellulite. Caffeine also restricts blood vessel so it reduces inflammation and swelling. Caffeine can also treat dark circles around the eyes. It is also an anti-oxidant so it helps prevent premature aging, wrinkles, age and sunspots, and fine lines.

If you haven’t tried coffee scrub, go to your nearest Aussie beauty spa and join the many who have enjoyed its many skin benefits.

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