Phases of Marketing Strategies during COVID-19


online_med1Today brands, companies and all types of businesses internationally find themselves facing a situation that they could’ve never imagined: COVID19. Its spread is forcing businesses to reinvent themselves and come up with emergency marketing strategies to survive.


There are different phases when a situation like this comes in front of us and forces a quarantine worldwide. On the first phase, during the first weeks of lockdown people want to prepare themselves for what will come in the future, they don’t know what’s going to happen so they have compulsory buying behaviour, At this point, brands can observe an apparent increase on their online sales; these are the moments in which the companies have to build a solid digital marketing strategy and define how they’re are going to communicate with the consumers towards COVID19. There’s no right way to do this, some brands opt for transparency and honesty, others choose to offer massive discounts or free shipping, the ones that have commodities explode those products or services, etc., what’s important when defining a strategy is to be truthful to the company’s values and be subtle about the situation because in this era in which the costumers care more about the brands vision, the world’s eyes are on you, on what your next movement is going to be and how human you act in front of this critical moment.
In phase two, stores and offices are closed, the utility margins are eroded and even though businesses have migrated completely to teleworking, they cannot operate in the same way or in the way they have plans. People are starting to realize the gravity of the situation and stop buying compulsory, they spend smart trying to only get the basic things they need. These are the moments in which companies face the true crisis, their sales go down and even with the digital marketing strategies that have been implemented, it’s not enough to keep the businesses up and running.
Phase three is the phase where things, little by little start going back to “normal”, when the quarantine finally become less restrictive and people start getting their hopes up on returning to work normally. This is where brands who had a solid business strategy mixed with solidarity and human values towards COVID19 even if their economy was tremendously affected by the crisis can come back stronger and try to build their brand back up, landing new clients and focus on growth.

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