The Best Way to Support Your Spine

Man with glowing backbone

A lot of people suffer from all sorts of back pain because of prolonged sitting. This is so true for all those working in the office where middle back pain is a common cause for discomfort. Aside from prolonged sitting, another cause is bad posture. Some people who work at their desks for eight or more hours tend to slouch once their body starts feeling tired. Without knowing it, people who do this stand the risk of overextending the tendons and ligaments in between the spines’ discs that causes a lot of stress on these.

So what do people in the office suffering from back pain need to do? The answer is very simple – people have to simply sit up straight the whole time. Obviously, this solution for alleviating middle back pain is easier said than done. But, the thing is that they have to help themselves and do it or it might progress to something worse.

Man with glowing backboneOne of the things that can help with this problem is to put some support for your back. A cushion on your chair will help a lot as this will get in contact with the tail end of your spine and reduces middle back pain. Next is to adjust the height of the chair to make sure your knees are at a right angle and your feet lay flat on the floor. For back support, place a cushion against the back rest to push your back straight with most of your spine pressed against it. Take out anything from your back pockets like wallets and cellphones as the imbalance from these things causes lower back pain.  Pull your chair closest to your desk.

To prevent neck pain, always keep your neck straight even when looking in other directions. Arm rests always provide a welcome relief because once you set your arms on it, it actually provides indirect support for your back. A lot of people who suffer from headaches while working in the office think that it is all about the computer screen and its glare. The truth is these headaches are a result of bad posture while reading. By adjusting your computer screen or the document you are reading at the same level of your eyes allows you to keep your back straight and prevent headaches from happening.

All these tips will have to go hand in hand to promote proper management of your back pain problems.

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