Tips to Keep Men off From Prostrate Cancer


Prostrate is an organ positioned under the bladder that produces semen. Prostrate cancer is mostly common with men. The hazard of developing prostate tumor grows with age.

Prevention of cancer is not only possible but research has shown that risks of developing certain types of cancer are controllable and can be completely avoided. Some cancers are directly related to some lifestyle choices; therefore most people can eradicate the risks for these types of cancers by making wiser personal choices in their lives.

The following includes tips on how to avoid and prevent prostrate cancer.


Using of fruits and vegetables

Vitamins and nutrients contained in vegetables and fruits lower the risk of getting prostrate cancer infections. The green vegetables have composite that enable your body splinter down cancer causing materials called carcinogens. The nutrient rich diet also helps in slowing the dispersion of cancer.


Consumption of red food e.g. tomatoes

Watermelon, Tomatoes, and some other red foods debt their bright color to important antioxidant referred to as lycopene. Research has shown that men who make use of these fruits have lower risk of cancer. Other findings have shown that preparing tomatoes make it easier for the body to assimilate lycopene.


Feasting on fish

The fatty acid known as Omega-3 may help reduce the danger of developing prostrate cancer. The researchers in the university of Carlifonia and Los Angeles, found that when compared to high fat diet, eating low fat diet and taking fish oil supplements slows the growth of cancer cells. Making it easier for treatment.


Avoid smoking

The prostrate tumor patients who engage in smoking are likely to have the occurrence of the disease. Smokers may also have an hostility form of prostrate cancer. Therefore one needs to quit smoking in order to avoid the disease.


Consider a vaccine

Research has developed the `human papillomavirus` (HPV) and hepatitis B vaccines which are effective in fighting cancer for example prostrate.


Maintain medical care and get your screenings

Always have prostrate screening every year in order to discover anything abnormal. Screening also helps in detecting other types of cancers which will respond to early treatment as well.


Engaging body in exercises

A lot of fat mostly in the center of body is interlinked to high risk of prostrate malignancy. To avoid the disease, do regular exercise that will help you to sustain healthy weight. You can try, walking, running, swimming and cycling.


Talk to your doctor

Ask the doctor about the risks for developing prostrate tumor. Discuss the dietary recommendations, the family history of cancer and the medical screening you should have as you get of age.


Make use of soybean and tea

According to the American Cancer Society (ACS), a nutrient referred to as isoflavones is associated to a reduced risk of prostrate . Studies shows that men who drink green tea, or take green tea extract supplements have lower risk of prostrate tumor growth compared to those who don’t.


Increased use of controversial foods

Some studies suggest that low folate levels increase the risk of prostrate tumor. Folate is found in a variety of foods such as beans and green vegetables. One needs to increase level of their intake in order to avoid risk of getting prostrate cancer.



Prevention is always the option of choice when it comes to lowering the risk of getting prostrate cancer, therefore , be sure to take a look at your lifestyle and make good choices for a future health.

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